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What will online retail look like in the future? And more importantly, where does it stand today?


This is a question that has long since become central to the retail sector.

There is a lot of discussion - but little concrete action is taken. And often with a raised forefinger, incomprehensible and detached. WIT and HGV Tübingen want to get things moving here and are now working with us on a pioneering project: the Vision Concept Store Tübingen. Centrally located in the old town, a contact point will be created in 2023, where we will present the digitalisation of retail up close, analogue and digital. 

We will show current solutions and possibilities in the core areas of presenting, paying and advising - but also where the path is going and what is already waiting for us on the horizon. Together with a jam-packed workshop and academy program with experts, we are creating a theme centre where exchange, concrete mediation and training will be the focus for a year. The whole thing will be hands-on, creative and - this much we can already reveal - implemented with a twist. Stay tuned!