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Nature in mind

Climate change is one of the greatest challenges of our time. Located in Tübingen, a city that aims to be climate neutral by 2030, the topic of sustainability and environmental protection has played a major role for us at acameo from the very beginning. Likewise, ensuring ethical and social standards are top priorities in our culturally diverse company. We have set clear guidelines for our company so that we too can play our part in this endeavor. In our actions and work, we are always concerned with creating positive added value for people and the environment. We do not regard our sustainability concept as just empty phrases, but do everything in our power to put them into practice every day. In doing so, we are guided by the UN Sustainable Development Goals of Agenda 2030.

Sustainability Goal 4: High-quality education 
There is no better way to achieve the German government's goal of providing better education and participation opportunities for all than through digitization. Digital offerings enable access to education, completely independent of place, time and social environment. What's more, these offerings are not temporary, but can be used as often as desired. They offer the opportunity to convey learning content in a playful, interactive, and thus goal-oriented manner. Digital learning also imparts an understanding of how to use technology at an early stage, away from purely leisure-based use. Particularly in times of a global pandemic, digital learning content and offerings for children and young people are an ideal alternative for counteracting dropped lessons. Digital classrooms, the creative preparation and implementation of learning content are areas where acameo wants to start and advance digital learning. Digital education is a fundamental concern of acameo and CUUUB. Financial support for public institutions is guaranteed here by the German government's DigitalPakt Schule (Digital Pact for Schools), which is intended to support the states and municipalities in investing in digital education infrastructure. 

Sustainability Goal 9: Industry, innovation and infrastructure 
Germany is one of the most innovative countries in the world. The accelerated digitization of the economy, administration and society as well as the use of artificial intelligence represent an important part in this area. Through digital appearances of people and companies from industry and research, innovations and current projects can be made accessible to a worldwide audience. Through our innovative cuuub technology of virtual tours through factory or company buildings, companies get a story and suddenly become tangible for the public. Positive experiences that are demonstrably created in the process lead to conversations and referrals, which brings both an even greater reach and an increase in awareness and sales. To ensure that Germany remains competitive in the future in the area of any innovation, increased digital presences and offerings from companies in all sectors are essential. Innovations in the field of digital help to eliminate many environmentally harmful and resource-consuming work processes. For example, events of all kinds can be held with people from all over the world without the need for airplanes, or catalogs and reports can be produced entirely without the high consumption of paper. After all, "Only by using virtual environments can we ensure greater sustainability in the future." (Market research company Corporate Knights) 

Sustainable Development Goal 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities. 
At acameo, we work with people from different places and countries. By choosing to work on the move, we are able to avoid environmentally damaging commutes on a daily basis. In this way, digital webshop offerings from companies can also prevent numerous avoidable trips and the associated costs and Co2 emissions. A glance at a digital store shows whether the offer is suitable or even whether the desired products are in stock. At the same time, the effort required to browse a store online is so low that customers become aware of products without even having searched for them. Digital web stores can become an experience for users through animated details. A study within the scope of our product cuuub shows that 75% of the users experience a wow effect after using a 3D store, which is reflected in a 3-5x longer duration of stay than in an ordinary 2D store. In addition, 87% of users would recommend this shopping experience to friends and acquaintances. acameo has set itself the goal of sustainably combining digital and analog offerings without displacing analog offerings. The bridge between the digital and analog worlds is a central basis for action for us. 

Sustainability Goal 12: Sustainable Consumption and Production
Due to our strongly digitalized work, we are able to save resources such as paper in many areas and try to pass this attitude on to our customers. If a project nevertheless requires print media, we always make sure that these are produced in a sustainable and local production. In general, acameo is also committed to supporting small or local businesses, both through the consumption of goods and through support in advertising and marketing. To a large extent, we refrain from using production-intensive promotional gifts and trade fair materials and put our vision in front of less sustainable gadgets during presentations. 

Sustainability Goal 13: Climate protection measures 
We at acameo attach great importance to sustainability not only in individual projects, but also in our day-to-day work. Since our work is based on digital structures and therefore also involves increased energy consumption, we have been using an IT provider that offers environmentally friendly infrastructures for our Internet business for several years now. For our daily searches, we rely on the sustainable search engine Ecosia, the search engine that plants trees. In addition, acameo's offices are powered exclusively by green electricity/gas. Through our strategy of mobile working, we are already able to save a significant amount of greenhouse gases in the area of commuting. If flights or train journeys are unavoidable for business trips, we compensate for these CO2 emissions by donating money to organizations that support climate protection.  

A look to the future  
The formulation of our sustainability concept is by no means the end of our work on climate protection. Rather, we see our public statement as a signpost to become even better in the future. We are going along with the goals of the city of Tübingen and want to become a climate-neutral company by 2030. We see digitization as an opportunity to further advance climate protection, education and innovation and strive to do our part every single day. In the past, we have already supported a number of heartfelt projects that match our concerns in terms of content.

...for our social environment
-> acameo is the main sponsor of the table tennis club Aichtal e.V. 
-> acameo supports the children's group Pfleghof e.V. 
-> acameo supports the "SOS Children's Villages" in India in the fight against child poverty, malnutrition and educational deprivation

...for young scientists 
-> acameo supports the association for the promotion of rhetoric in science and practice e.V. 

...for our planet 
-> acameo supports "Plant your Future" in the reforestation of the rainforest in the Brazilian Amazon