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Antique knowledge in modern usage

How to improve the communication strategy through design thinking and rhetorical action

Hundreds of people regularly gather outside Apple stores around the world to get their hands on one of the new devices. Young and old alike crowd the security barriers and hope to get in. Crowds, sweat, screaming. Everywhere people are standing, pressing, and waiting. Hundreds are put in the barriers by security guards. So many people covet the "thinnest, lightest and fastest iPhone ever".
Long before it is possible to buy the new smartphone, rumours, fake pictures, interviews with insiders and opinion leaders from interested parties are already circulating, commenting on these current processes. All these phenomena develop on the basis of a clear company profile and strategic principles. What communication strategy does your company pursue?

If you can't answer it immediately, you're not alone, because not everyone is as brilliant a rhetorician and strategist as Steve Jobs.

We do not promise to turn your company into a second Apple, but we will sharpen the company profile in workshops and develop communication strategies with you to convey your project easily and convincingly. Only when the convincing content, images and arguments are fixed can we implement the appropriate communication tools. Take a little time to prepare for this. It's worth it.

  • Rhetoric Thinking Workshop "Profile + Strategy"
  • Design thinking Sprint
  • Design thinking process with rhetorical action method
  • Individual strategic advice

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