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Create Expressive Spaces

Our approach to a successful exhibition has a clear focus: the visitors. 


Designing an exhibition from start to finish requires a great deal of planning and creativity. After all, something unprecedented is created in its making. This newness refers not only to freshly discovered and researched objects, never-before-shown exhibits, or new arrangements of the things on display, but the exhibition itself can also pose novel questions, generate entirely new meaning, produce new knowledge. 
Besides the chance to generate new knowledge, exhibitions, booths or showrooms can create cultural identity, make concrete offers and increase reputation for clients from culture, industry or science. For this reason, your focus should be on the needs and requirements of your target group during the entire conception phase.
With acameo you strategically bring your goals to fruition. The rhetoric-scientific approach in interaction with UX design ensures a meaningful and eventful presentation with clear messages in close cooperation of current science, the aesthetics of the physical, digital technology and economic thinking. 

Strategy and Concept Design

In order to create a successful exhibition, it is important to have a clear roadmap from the beginning.  

  • Development of a strategy and concept design. 
  • Support during the implementation.  

Project Management

The implementation of an exhibition requires coordinated planning and communication with all stakeholders involved. 

  • Professional external communication.   
  • Support and advice in project coordination.


Aesthetic and at the same time correct preparation of your content represents the core of any exhibition. 

  • Planning of the contents. 
  • Creation of a curatorial concept.


The right scenography turns your premises into real exhibition spaces.

  • Development of a room-specific exhibition concept. 
  • Staging of the objects to be exhibited.


The realization puts the previous plans to the test. 

  • Realization of the exhibition. 
  • Technical support. 
  • Support during the evaluation.

Media Production

An exhibition without any media content is hardly conceivable in the age of digitalization. 

  • Conception of various media contents. 
  • Implementation of the content. 
  • Technical implementation within the exhibition. 

Digital Interaction

Interactions increase the participation and thus also the interest of the visitors. 

  • Conception of digital content. 
  • Technical support. 
  • Further development and modification of content.

Exhibitions are the flagship of your ideas and concerns.  

With our support, your exhibitions will become a lasting experience.  

"With acameo we realized an interactive virtual exhibition through the German Museum. The professional 3D point cloud enables a variety of innovative features such as the integration of 3D objects, animations and gamification” 

Georg Hohmann, Department Director, Deutsches Museum Digital