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Shopping in the current shock-induced paralysis

How does the retail industry offer an attractive digital shopping experience similar to analogue shopping? With the 3D webshop system CUUUB from acameo.

The retail industry is currently experiencing a radical shock. Now it is time to use innovative solutions to keep sales going. Many are reinforcing measures of their classic online shop, but unfortunately the analogue shopping experience is being lost completely. The 3D web shop CUUUB® is an exciting hybrid between offline and online. All showrooms such as stores, shopping malls, shopping malls, museums or trade fairs are quickly and photorealistically captured and responsively displayed on desktop PC, tablet and smartphone. In addition, guided tours and a chat sales advisor ensure special shopping experiences for your customers. More information about the 3D web shop at

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CUUUB as digital event location

Even if the great wave of the frightening corona virus should abate, the question remains of sustainable, digital and appealing solutions to open up business fields, present innovations and bring people together.

In times of an unpredictable pandemic, it seems impossible, at any rate, to hold major events such as congresses, conferences, trade fairs, museums and festivals. Many organizers are currently looking for alternatives that make it possible to bring people together virtually, communicate locations and present products.

With CUUUB, the 3D web system from acameo, it is possible to digitally represent real rooms. On the one hand, places can be displayed virtually and expanded with digital and interactive elements.
With CUUUB, small showrooms as well as huge exhibition halls can be depicted cost-effectively using laser and image panoramas. The new UX interface allows visitors to be received interactively and aesthetically pleasing.

Further modules allow guided tours through the rooms or sell products directly.
The chatbot module enables visitors to ask questions and receive answers directly. Sales advice and stand information are intuitive and, thanks to AI, expandable.

Curated, virtual worlds of experience ensure a successful appearance without limits.

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