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The acameo team consists of people who analyze, recognize, implement and maintain your communication measures. The following acameos will take care of your requirements:


Dr. Frank Dürr

Dr. Frank Dürr is managing director of acameo. He received his doctorate in strategic communication with a thesis on "Behavioural Science & Rhetoric". He is a communications expert, curator and author.


Norbert Ropelt

Norbert Ropelt is managing director of acameo. He manages customer projects mainly in the industrial goods and services sectors. As specialist for ecommerce and GDPR he is a competent coordinator at your side.

Project assistance

Valeria Brak

Valeria Brak is a dedicated and competent project assistant with a clear focus on effective communication. Valeria brings a deep understanding of educational topics. Valeria stands out for her organizational talents and her ability to work effectively in a dynamic environment.

Sales Management

Torsten Kern

Torsten Kern is Sales Manager at acameo and passionate sportsman. Thanks to his experience, ambition and strategic skills he is the perfect contact person for our clients.


David Kühner

David Kühner M.A. is an art historian and curator, both in the analog and digital fields. For him, the development and implementation of exhibition concepts go hand in hand with hybrid and purely digital working techniques. 

Art Directrice

Ilena Becić

Ilena Becic is an animation designer for 2D and 3D. Her skills range from branding, UX design to 3D modeling.

3D Development

Matthias Waldraff

Matthias Waldraff is an agency-experienced and collegial programmer who is responsible for frontend projects as a senior developer - no matter if 2D or 3D. As a CUUUB expert, he is always developing our 3D web system to the highest level.

Web & AI Development

Marco Madeja

Marco Madeja is a prospective FullStack and supports the team in website creation, design and social media. He studies media informatics at the University of Tübingen.

Frontend Development

Adrian Hofrichter

Adrian Hofrichter is a Senior Full Stack. He has been involved in user interface and corporate design for almost 20 years. In doing so, he stands out above all for exceptional and creative frontend development. Aesthetics, usability and code quality are at the center of his attention.

Campaign Management

Finn Honig

Finn Honig is an expert in strategic social media communication and digital marketing. He studies rhetoric and works for acameo as a project and campaign manager.


Joachim Schmid

Joachim is a true film expert. He not only stands behind, but also for the Kino Museum in front of the camera and discusses the latest cinema films competently and entertainingly. For acameo he films in various projects such as for the Institute for Future Studies (Zimmertheater Tübingen). 

Visual Design

Sebastian Gabler

Sebastian Gabler is a designer and coder. The mixture of interactive design and programming of CMS makes him an all-rounder.

Graphic Design

Theresa Giese-Vogler

Theresa Giese-Vogler is an excellent illustrator and is responsible for graphic design in the area Design.

User Experience

Dr. Sonja Cornelsen

Dr. Sonja Cornelsen is a psychologist and neuroscientist with a passion for usability. The development, testing, evaluation and optimization of human-machine interfaces with the help of design thinking methods inspires the PhD expert.

Webshop Developer

Egon Lauer

Egon Lauer is the central figure as software developer in the field of web shops. E-commerce and real-time features are his great strength; he masters ASP.Net web applications and the resulting solutions in the online sector like hardly anyone else. Egon has already received numerous awards for his developments. His experience shapes the development team in a pleasant way.

Web Development

Samuel Heinz

Samuel is a trained media designer specializing in web development. Since 2008 he has been developing professional TYPO3 websites and regularly publishes TYPO3 innovations and trends in web development.


Valentin Marquardt

His pictures captivate through extraordinary brilliance and sharpness. Valentin Marquardt is the man behind the camera in portrait, advertising and industrial photography.