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CUUUB was at this year's Science & Innovation Days in Tübingen.

The Startup Center at the University of Tübingen supports students, researchers and employees in turning their innovative ideas and concepts into successful startups. As part of this year's Science & Innovation Days, the Startup Center hosted a trade fair and networking event at which acameo and CUUUB were also represented.

Among others, CEO Dr Frank Dürr, the founder of acameo and CUUUB, can be seen in the video. He took the opportunity to exchange ideas with other founders and have exciting conversations. Our employees Marco Madeja and Katja Schurr were present at the stand and were able to tell numerous people about our work. Marco Madeja works behind the scenes in the creation of websites and in design - in addition, Katja Schurr works in internal and external communication. The man behind the camera is Joachim Schmid, who always manages to visually capture various events and locations.

We would like to thank the Startup Center Tübingen for the organisation and the wonderful event!