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"Newsletter - Immersive Experiences"

An initial ten-part LinkedIn newsletter about immersive experiences on the 3D web. 


Dr. Frank Dürr, the author of the newsletter, is the founder and CEO of CUUUB®. An enthusiast in the implementation of experiential presentations of products and spaces, he and his team merge the physical and virtual worlds with 3D, AR, VR and web. As part of the newsletter, he explores the connection between metaverse and brand experience.

The newsletter "immersive experiences" has about 500 followers after only a few weeks! In previous articles he has addressed the following topics "How to create immersive brand experiences and successfully generate leads in 3D Web", "Bending the Spoon: 19 Reasons to Create Brand Experiences in the Metaverse", "4P for 3D: How product, place, price and promotion are changing in the metaverse". In the next article Frank will focus on immersive experiences and virtual solutions for cultural institutions.

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