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acameo CEO, Dr. Frank Dürr holds a speech at this year's Digitale Handelsforum by IHK Reutlingen. 

At this year's Digitale Handelsforum ("virtual trade forum") by the IHK Reutlingen, on 22 September, acameo CEO Dr. Frank Dürr gave a speech on the topic of "the Intelligent Store." Three terms stood out in his talk as the challenge of stationary retail: personnel shortage, new customer desires, and customer experience. The pandemic in particular has intensified the staff shortage. Think back to the summer months, your long-awaited holiday and the many flight cancellations that prevented or delayed it. Digitisation in the form of a smart store forms a bridge to these difficulties in stationary retail for many areas, even a protracted solution, because staff are not needed around the clock. Customer wishes can also be fulfilled. All that is needed is the right consumer experience, which is what CUUUB specialises in. With CUUUB, different locations are scanned and digitally presented. In the form of consultation and payment, they innitiate interaction. Just like in a real store, but independent of location. And important data is gained, among other things, through aisle analyses that are lost in the real store.

What are your ideas for an intelligent store?
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