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#DigitalX is pre-release! Sold out! 20,000 visitors have the chance to see the first 3D webshop CUUUB from genialokal live and to buy books for Christmas directly. genialokal is a joint project of the cooperative of over 600 bookstores, eBuch eG and Libri GmbH.

acameo presents the new # 3D #experience world in Cologne, in which 70 Christmas specials and up to 10 million # books can be ordered. In cooperation with Deutsche Telekom, we also show another genialocal book world in #VR.

Together with SUGARTRENDS - SHOP LIKE A LOCAL, we let stand visitors discover the 3D shop of Bierothek GmbH in Stuttgart.
Besides, Dr. Frank Dürr on the XR webshop CUUUB on October 29th. at 3 p.m. on the Future Stage.