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"Vordenker 2022" - acameo customer XE:DARIS GmbH has been nominated for the "Digital Insurance Lighthouse 2022".

XE:DARIS has been nominated for the "Digital Insurance Lighthouse 2022" as well as the special award "Forward Thinker 2022". CONGRATULATIONS!!!
For several years now, this event has stood for groundbreaking ideas, projects and solutions that play or will play a role in the digitalization of the insurance industry. We are very happy that the jury chose XE:DARIS and among others our cuuub solution for the "digital lighthouse".
XE:DARIS can significantly improve data management in the areas of commercial insurance and risk management. Numerous KPIs speak for the innovative solution of Rainer Witzel (EMBA) and XE:DARIS.

The award video penned by us and directed by Joachim Schmid sums up the advantages of the Xe:daris products in an entertaining and eventful way. Have fun watching!