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Virtual Store Tours for SPORT 2000

A great CUUUB project finds a first culmination of cooperation with SPORT 2000 at ISPO. SPORT 2000 is the home of competent advice, trust, the best brands, personal service and the place that naturally builds individual sports relationships. In Germany, SPORT 2000 is represented by around 1,000 retail partners and 1,500 stationary sports stores. We were commissioned to present the innovative retail concepts ABSOLUTE RUN, ABSOLUTE TEAMSPORT and Multicategory Retail. For the booth at ISPO, three guided tours with point cloud videos were developed to fully present the store concepts.

Through the 3D flights through the stores, the topics are presented in a focused and eventful way. The delivered content was conveyed through appropriate and appealing animations, and the interactive movies as well as the virtual 3D-experience tours were provided in the appropriate format for the trade show presentation on touch screens. Two stores (ABSOLUTE TEAMSPORT Böckmann in Holdorf and ABSOUTE RUN Laufsport Andreas in Minden) were 3D-digitized. The third tour was created on the basis of a 3D-model of an upcoming store opening.
Dominik Solleder, Managing Director of SPORT 2000 GmbH, was enthusiastic at ISPO Munich: "We impressed our retailers and partners with the virtual presentations using CUUUB from acameo. Also thanks to the high motivation and expertise of the acameo team, together we were able to realize an enormously coherent result for ISPO in Munich."

Anyone interested in learning more about the opportunities with CUUUB is welcome to contact sales director