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The ADI - Academy of Real Estate Management is managed according to the highest academic principles. The scientific 
orientation is a natural part of the curriculum.
After acameo has been supporting the external presentation of ADI for many years, the team around Norbert Ropelt and Dr. Frank Dürr now also implemented the redesign of the online presence. This includes
according to the university philosophy a modern, young as well as serious structure of the website. This is achieved through a clever mix of dynamic forms and images plus an interactive design in the academy's modernized CD. 

ADI Director Larissa Lapschies on the project: "True digitization is a marathon, not a sprint. All processes should run together and the target image must be well thought out. This requires a partner who understands this. acameo thinks along with the processes and is an extremely relevant component in our digitization process. We didn't just develop a new website in this project, but realized an essential part of the future strategy."

Despite the visual innovations, the main focus was on a clear structure and the far-reaching digitization processes. Interested parties are directed through various boxes and associated links. The embedding of graduate testimonials, powerful visuals and hands-on videos quickly convey what studying at ADI is like. 



A new feature is an ordering and payment system that makes it quick and easy to order the university's products directly. The e-commerce system is expanded to include the multi-payment tool Mollie to reduce the bounce rate in the checkout.

Once the order process has been successfully completed, all information ends up in ADI's CRM. All information is passed on to the administration seamlessly and fully automatically.

The project was partially financed by L-Bank's Digitalization Premium Plus.