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"Making luxury tangible!"

acameo presents CUUUB at the e-Luxury Summit in Lausanne, Switzerland.


Tomorrow, on November 15th, the e-Luxury-Summit is going to take place in Lausanne, Switzerland.

True to the motto "Leveraging HERITAGE through DIGITALIZATION", the event will focus on digital technologies that luxury brands can utilize to meet the next generation customers' requirements.

We’re looking forward to presenting our current XR projects, using CUUUB's innovative solution, at this event. According to the organizers, consumers have been increasingly asking for experiences with a commitment to sustainability and inclusivity. "This is even more true for millennials and gen-Z who strongly influence the luxury industry's growth." Our practical methods and virtual worlds of experience help companies meet these demands.

The e-Luxury-Summit will begin at 8:30 am, at the IMD Business School (Chem. de Bellerive 23, 1003 Lausanne). 

See you there!