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CUUUB now with the BMWI on Tour. Start on October 7th in Berlin with Economics Minister Peter Altmaier.

How will we shop in the future? How can retailers adapt to these new customer requests?

The Mittelstand 4.0 competence centre for trade is there as a contact point for medium-sized retailers and sends a DigitalMobil through Germany for at least two years. Also in the luggage: the 3D eCommerce system CUUUB.

With the browser-based application from acameo, online shop operators can offer their visitors a novel 3D shopping experience and thus stand out from the grey mass of 'standard shops'. "A fashion store, a grocery store and a bookshop demonstrate the use cases implemented by acameo development," explains Managing Director Norbert Ropelt, who realized the presentation with IFH Cologne.

More information about the kick-off event: