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A new solution could revolutionize the online shopping experience: CUUUB

How CUUUB could change the online shopping experience

Many companies will gladly convey a real shopping experience for their customers while they want to present the products in the best way possible. A new solution could revolutionize the online shopping experience: CUUUB is a 3D virtual shopping module for all Indoor Viewer Instances of NavVis. The CUUUB technology runs on all popular browsers and is intuitive for all visitors. In addition to this impressive spatial shopping experience, this solution offers the option to let customers consult with each other. Thus, the CUUUB audio and video guide through the product world offers a larger shopping experience.

The first user tests revealed a number of special features that significantly increased the test subjects' enjoyment of shopping. All testers, who were between 23 and 49 years of age, were enormously enthusiastic. They found it very positive that while the system allows several shops, only one shopping cart is necessary. They see the shopping experience as an opportunity to experience something new, playful and exciting. Walking virtually "through the city" while discovering new shops and chatting with friends or family members was very well received.

CUUUB is the first innovative and quality driven E-Commerce-solution in virtual reality. The combination of the CUUUB-webshop and the NavVis Indoor Mapping and Viewer creates an exciting experience for your clients by offering unique solutions to explore products in real-visualized rooms (flagship-stores, salesrooms, and many more).The 360° experience and the webshop solution are a technically functioning combination, 
A so-called "Guided Tour" offers user guidance from product to product.  The so-called point-of-sale principle also enables the integration of product images, product descriptions and videos. In addition, live tours can also be planned and VIP tours can be offered to customers at special conditions.
An integrated chat module allows "social shopping". The joint shopping experience is now also possible if the partners or friends are thousands of kilometers away from each other.


The CUUUB demo with all features is available after registration at