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The "Institute for Future Theatrical Research" will open. acameo films with ...

Represented by Joachim Schmid and Stephanie Constantin, acameo works on scenes and on the first trailer for the new "Institute for Theatrical Future Research" (ITZ) in Tübingen. They accompanied the rehearsals for the premiere of the first staging of the ITZ. The piece is titled "The leaden course of history is an asshole. Departure for Utopia" and offers a variety of visual impressions as well as progressive, political content. The play dares to be boldly staged, using, among other things, a holographic curtain on which animations take place to underline the play. An exciting and fascinating task for the acameo film team.

Here is a part of the trailer:

We wish the brand new artistic directors Peer and Dieter Ripberger every success with the fantastic seasonal program! The RTF1 has published a first press report: