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A new virtual shopping experience

Many companies would like to create a realistic experience for online customers, whilst optimizing the presentation of their products online beyond the unimaginative tile design of conventional 2D webshops. CUUUB® has made this possible. The virtual setting completely transforms the consumer experience. Display your products with unique solutions in real, digitized flagship stores, showrooms, exhibitions or booths. Or even better: Allow us to curate and digitize a whole new exhibition space for you.

CUUUB® technology is responsive, runs on all popular browsers and is highly intuitive for users. In addition to a captivating spatial shopping experience, CUUUB® gives your customers the ability to shop together in the virtual store, to seek advice or share opinions. The CUUUB® voice and video guide through your product world further enhances the shopping experience, taking it into a class of its own.

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This innovative 3D shop solution is based on the proven WhiteLabel web shop development CUUUB BASIS. Together with our cooperation partner SilverConn, acameo realized a highly reactive web system that is optimized for all web-enabled devices. We guarantee highest data security, data encryption and automatic backups. All administrative settings are optimized for online collaboration. CUUUB was nominated for the competition "strong in ideas" and awarded the "Best of Innovations-IT-Prize".

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