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User experience | Usability

How usability tests optimize the design of web systems

User experience and usability play a major role in product and service development. They guarantee that the user is at the centre of the development. Usability ensures that the user uses the product intuitively and efficiently. The perfectly formulated text remains unsuccessful if the information is not found on the website or if the user does not get along with the navigation. The user experience goes one step further and ensures that the user not only uses the product or service, but also enjoys it.

With the help of various methods, the user is involved in the design thinking process. First of all, it is examined who the potential user is in order to align the product with him or her. In iterative steps it is evaluated whether the implementation was successful. During the validation of the user experience, user studies and expert evaluations are used to analyse, among other things, how quickly the user can understand the meaning, concept, and purpose of a website.

Acameo offers your customers a usability quick test to detect the most serious errors in existing communication media, such as web presences. In the following, a Design Thinking process initiates the development phase of the planned product. Only then does the implementation of the meaningful communication units follow.

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