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It's time to whisper (again), Humboldt! 


The majority of university and highschool students reported difficulty concentrating during pandemic inflicted online lectures. Together with Humboldt Universität zu Berlin, we’ve looked deeper into this problem and constructed a solution.  

Dr. Maria Gäde (Humboldt Universität zu Berlin) reports: „‚Something is missing!‘ Although digital and hybrid higher education formats have been proven an important alternative to classic classroom settings, teachers and students agree that interaction and informal exchange as an essential part of campus life are missed out. CUUUB enables us to transfer this part of academic life and learning into the digital sphere, enabling an inclusive and engaging environment for future digital education.“ 

Through our investigation, we have reflected upon what a lecture hall entails and how it plays a major role in the experience of students. The digital age has brought new forms of education upon us. As technology grows, so do people's expectations. Since this is the case, we believe that future generations of pupils and students need a platform where they can participate, interact, whisper and chat and access various information with ease. 

Therefore, we’ve developed a virtual lecturing space to offer not only an innovative environment for the university’s lecturers to create unique learning experiences but also help students of all ages explore the academic topics in a new way. Our solutions are suitable for most learning environments and can be deployed at any place by using the latest technologies.  
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