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Create expressive spaces

To conceive, plan, realize and finally realize an exhibition is a creative act. In its production, something not yet known is created. This newness does not only refer to freshly discovered and explored objects, never before shown exhibits or new arrangements of the exhibited things, but the exhibition itself can also ask new kinds of questions, generate completely new meaning, produce new knowledge.

In addition to the opportunity to generate new knowledge, exhibitions, trade fair stands or showrooms can create cultural identity, make concrete offers and enhance the reputation for clients from the cultural, industrial or scientific sectors.

acameo brings spaces to bear strategically for these goals. The rhetorical approach in combination with UX design ensures a meaningful and eventful presentation with clear messages in close cooperation with current science, the aesthetics of physical, digital technology and economic thinking.

  • Strategy and concept design
  • Project Management
  • Curation
  • Scenography
  • Realization
  • Media Production
  • Digital interaction

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by Dr. Frank Dürr (and Dr. Philipp Aumann), 200 pages, with numerous examples and illustrations for € 19.99, ISBN 978-3-825-23892-6)

Whether it's art, everyday objects or historical events: conceiving and realizing an exhibition is a creative act and an organizational challenge. This book shows how an exhibition project succeeds - from the concept and object work to financing and press work. "AUSSTELLUNGEN MACHEN" is a perfect companion for students in the practical modules or during their museum internship.