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Acameo in TechBoost-Programm of Deutsche Telekom


acameo convinces Deutsche Telekom with its 3D webshop CUUUB ™ and is included in the TechBoost program. Techboost was created to help startups develop their technology.

"We are thrilled to be included in Deutsche Telekom's growth program. We are looking forward to the new OpenTelekomCloud and the numerous services," said Norbert Ropelt, acameo managing director. The TechBoost program Seed from Deutsche Telekom fits perfectly with the goals and needs of acameo in 2019. Both network and workplace solutions, an efficient IT infrastructure, software-as-a-service offers and professional marketing tools offer the perfect basis for launch this recently released eCommerce solution. More information about TechBoost.

What is CUUUB?

The world of online shopping is changing, as is retail in the city centres. The 3D webshop CUUUB ™ shows an alternative way for the development of shopping. In contrast to the large online shops, CUUUB ™ does not use the usual tile look but presents the products in virtual rooms that can be based on the digital twins of existing shops. "With the innovative CUUUB webshop system, online shop operators can offer their visitors a new kind of 3D shopping experience and thus stand out from the grey mass of" standard shops", says Professor Oliver Höß from the University of Applied Sciences Technology in Stuttgart. More information at